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El Borracho

Dissatisfied with the few Mexican-style diners in town, Sugiyama-san (Su-san to his amigos) moved to Mexico City for two years to master authentic Mexican cuisine. Now back in Fukuoka he’s opened a stunningly decorative full-on Mexican restaurant in Daimyo. No Tex-Mex hard shell tacos here; instead, only handmade soft-shell corn and flour tortillas are served. Top on the recommended list are the Tacos al Pastor, made with thinly sliced roasted spicy pork carved off a slowly spinning grill. Chicken Enchilada, Mole con Polle, and Deep Fried Banana with ice cream and chocolate sauce are also must-tries. El Boracho means “the drunk” so naturally the bar is an important element and boasts no less than twenty varieties of tequila! The frozen margaritas (strawberry, blue and traditional lemon) are excellent and can be made without booze if required.

El Borracho
Address: 2F Liberty Daimyo, 2-3-2 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Open: 17:30~24:00, Fri., Sat., & nights before Hol.: ~02:00
Closed: Never
Tel: 092-720-5252

Menu: Tacos al pastor ¥650, enchilada ¥700, frozen margaritas ¥700, deep fried banana with ice cream ¥500

Published: Jan 24, 2011 / Last Updated: Jun 23, 2016

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