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First opened in Terazuka in 1995, Gouya offers up Chinese noodles in an original veggie-filled Japanese soup, the stock of which is carefully crafted from dried bonito flakes, dried mackerel flakes, dried sardines, konbu (kelp) and shiitake mushrooms. The subtle flavor blends well with the stellar customer service. Our favorite is the kara-negi ramen, which is topped with a small mountain of shredded Welsh onions marinated in spicy miso, and then drizzled with scallion oil. Another tasty dish is the homemade chijiremen (curly noodles) in a fish-based soup. If you’re feeling hungrier than usual, Gouya doesn’t offer noodle refills, but you can size up to a large for an extra ¥130. You may also want to try the gyoza which, unusually, are flavored with walnut. If you want a side of rice, follow the lead of the regulars and try the jidorimeshi (chicken and rice) or the yakibutameshi (grilled pork on rice). English and Chinese menus make it easy for overseas visitors to enjoy Gouya’s delicious dishes.

Menu: Kara-negi ramen ¥750, special ramen ¥1,000 (kara-negi, boiled egg and chashu pork), Chinese soba ¥680, jidorimeshi ¥100, yakibutameshi ¥230, walnut gyoza ¥380, draft beer ¥500, oolong tea ¥150
*Prices to change from Oct. 1, 2019 following tax increase

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn203, Nov. 2015)

Address : 5-25-11 Watanabe-dori, Chuo-ku [ MAP ]
Open : 11:00~22:30 (Tue. ~ Sat.), 11:00~21:30 (Sun. & hol.)
Close : Mon.
Fukuoka City
Published: Nov 6, 2015 / Last Updated: Sep 19, 2019

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