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Hakata Fudo

Hakata Fudo takes pride in being the first yakitori restaurant in Japan to use bamboo charcoal, which burns hotter than regular charcoal. This seals in the flavors of the skewers, leaving the outsides crispy and the insides juicy. Aiming to introduce customers to regional delicacies from around Japan, the menu also includes a range of unique skewers like Okinawan agu pork, Miyazaki jidori chicken thigh and Sendai beef tongue. You can order a set of three regional skewers for ¥480. You can also opt for a ¥4,000 course that includes an assortment of seven bamboo charcoal-grilled skewers, appetizers, salad and all-you-can-drink.

Menu (tax excl.): Chicken skin (sauce or salt)/chicken heart ¥100, gizzard/liver ¥130, chicken neck/pork belly ¥150, grilled jidori chicken thigh ¥1,000, char-grilled Sendai thick-cut beef tongue ¥980, Utsunomiya gyoza ¥500 *table charge ¥380
*Prices to change from Oct. 1, 2019 following tax increase

*Foreign language menu: English, Korean, Chinese / Credit cards accepted (Visa, Mastercard, UC, Amex, DC, Diners, JCB, NC, UFJ) / Reservations possible / Smoking permitted

Hakata Fudo
Address : 1F Dairoku Okabe Bldg., 2-4-17 Hakataeki-higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 17:00~3:00 (L.O. 2:00), Sun. & hol. ~1:00 (L.O. 24:00)
Close : Irregular
Fukuoka City
Published: Aug 28, 2017 / Last Updated: Mar 12, 2020

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