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This bar offers a great environment to chill out and meet other late-night wildlife. The vibe is lower key than other clubs so if throbbing bass music isn’t what you’re looking for, this is probably your best bet. There is ample space to sit and hang out as well as a modestly sized dance floor area to engage in mating ritual dance moves. M8 attracts a younger crowd with a mix of expats, college kids, globetrotters, and local Japanese people. They play a mix of hip hop, EDM and house music with Friday and Saturday nights being best for dancing. They also have great deals on drinks, for only ¥2,000 you will be set up with 8 shots, and ¥888 gets you a big draft beer. Happy hour runs from 21:00 to 23:00, and you can score ¥300 cocktails. If you are a student, show your student ID and enjoy ¥300 cocktails after 23:00. Pair all of this with incredibly friendly staff, and you have a formula for a delightful time. Highly recommended. Make sure to check their Instagram page to find out about their once a month after-hours parties. (IG: m8fukuoka)

*Prices to change from Oct. 1, 2019 following tax increase
*Foreign language menu: English / Smoking permitted

Address : 1F Tenjin Okabe Bldg., 3-5-12 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 21:00~1:00
Close : Please contact the store.
Bar & Pub
Fukuoka City
Published: Aug 28, 2017 / Last Updated: Mar 12, 2020

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