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Shochu Bar Sunkujira

Kazuki Yanagisono, Shochu Bar Sunkujira’s owner and founder, specialises in one thing: shochu, the famed Kyushuan spirit. The bar’s collection of shochu is astonishing, with a curated selection of 460 bottles occupying the shop’s back wall. 70% of these are sourced directly from distilleries in Kagoshima and potato, rice and wheat-based shochu are on offer. The bar, which is attended by the amicable Kazuki and his lovely wife, Michiyo, has a homely but modern feel, with five counter seats and a four person zashiki-style drinking area.

Shochu ¥580~¥980, Japanese sake ¥680~¥980, Food and others: ¥680~, Table charge: ¥500

Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn217, Jan. 2017)

Shochu Bar Sunkujira
Address : 2-3-33 Hirao, Chuo-ku [ MAP ]
Open : 21:00~01:00 (L.O.: 24:30)
Close : Wednesdays
Bar & Pub
Published: Dec 20, 2016 / Last Updated: Jan 5, 2018

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