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Foreign Acts at Sunset Live 2016

At Sunset Live 2016, over 80 live artists will be rocking Keya Beach in Itoshima over two days (Sep. 3 and Sep. 4)! As well as top Japanese artists, there will be great live acts from overseas. Here’s the lowdown on the foreign acts who will be performing.

Sep. 3, Sat.
Crowd Lu – 11.30 @ Mori no St.
Humble Soul – 14.05 @ Mori no St.
Grown Kids – 17.20 @ Palm St.
Speech (from Arrested Development) – 17:45 @ Palm St.
Mishka – 18:30 @ Yunagi St.

Sep. 4, Sun.
Papa U-Gee meets Ga-Pi – 18:10 @ Mori no St.

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Crowd Lu (盧廣仲)
This indie singer-songwriter from Taiwan writes and performs acoustic, Mandopop and rock ‘n’ roll songs. His career began after a car crash in his first year of university left him hospitalized for months. To pass the time, he started learning how to play the guitar and had a go at writing his own songs. The following year, he won multiple awards and became recognized by acclaimed record producers. Drawing inspiration from Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton and Boyz II Men, this 30-year-old performer has had big hits with songs like “Good Morning, Beautiful Dawn!”, and his albums Seven Days (七天) and Live in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) were both included in the Top 10 Selling Mandarin Albums of the Year 2009.

Crowd Lu

Check out 慢靈魂 (“Slow Soul”), one of his hit songs:

Official Facebook:
Official website:

Humble Soul
Humble Soul gave a great performance at Sunset Live last year! This Hawaiian reggae band has drawn fans with songs such as “Pakalolo Sweet” and “Everything”. The band has five members (including some of Japanese heritage): Douglas Bautista (vocals), Reid Taira (drums), Ken Kitagawa (keyboard), Keith Tsukamaki (guitar) and Keakaula Kealohailokoonalani (bass). Doug (from Oahu, Hawaii), the leader of the band, is one of the biggest musicians in Hawaiian reggae, and is known as the “the Bob Marley of Hawaii”. Humble Soul loves Sunset Live, calling it “one of the coolest music festivals in Japan.”


Check out “Pakalolo Sweet” from their most popular album, Good Lord, Thank You:

Official site:
Official Facebook:

Grown Kids
This duo is made up of Lafa Taylor from Hawaii and Jamil Kazmi from California. Their sound mixes pop, hip-rock and rock, and their most popular hits include “Bottle Rocket ft. Taka & Megan Joy”, “Tongue Tied ft. Def Tech” and “Bonds Don’t Break”. Jamil Kazmi is a pop-singing polyglot: he speaks English, Japanese and Thai (and some Spanish). He’s been creating his own music since he was fourteen, and at age 16 sold 12,000 copies of his self-produced album. While attending college in Japan, he developed an interest in Japanese culture and music, deciding to settle and create music here. Lafa Taylor has had an extensive creative career. He produced his own album at age 17, was a member of E.D.O and participated in Def Tech’s tours. He currently beatboxes, produces, does graphic design and photography, and has his own fashion brand. In 2014, he participated in Coachella. The duo’s next album, Kings of the Playground, will be released on Aug. 31, 2016.

Grown Kids

Check out their popular song “Bottle Rocket feat. Taka & Megan Joy”:

Official Facebook:
Official site:

Speech (from Arrested Development)
This rapper and musician from Wisconsin (real name: Todd Thomas) is a member of popular hip-hop group Arrested Development. In 1996, he toured with US Vice president Al Gore and Hillary Clinton during the presidential election; he was invited to and attended the inaugural celebrations. He has held various sold-out tours, and his biggest hits include “Like Marvin Said (What’s Going On)” and “Braided Hair”.


Check out his popular song “Like Marvin Gaye said”:

Official site:
Official facebook (Arrested Development):

Mishka has been on the reggae, soul and acoustic scenes since 1997! Having grown up sailing from Caribbean island to Caribbean island, he became a talented windsurfer, and represented Bermuda in the world championships in 1991 and 1992. He proved just as talented in the world of music. In 1999, his single “Give You All The Love”, reached the top 40 in the UK and top 10 in Japan. His 2009 album, Above the Bones, soared to number one in the Billboard Reggae charts. In the same year, Itunes named him one of the best new singer-songwriters. Two of the songs in his 2010 album Talk About were produced by acclaimed Butch Walker (who produced songs for P!nk and Fall Out Boy); one of the songs on the album even features Willie Nelson!


Check out his smooth sound in “Give You All the Love”:

Official site:
Official Facebook:

Papa U-Gee meets Ga-Pi (Original Thai Dub) with Pinn Ball
Chill to the reggae sound of Ga-Pi from Thailand and Papa U-Gee from Yokohama, Japan. Ga-Pi is a prominent DJ on the Thai music scene, and lead singer and guitarist of the famous Thai reggae group T-Bone. An hour-long documentary was made on Ga-Pi (Smiley Dub).

PAPA U-Gee アー写

Check out a segment from the film here:

Sunset Live doesn’t just mean great music! Find out about everything Sunset Live has to offer here.

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Published: Jul 21, 2016 / Last Updated: Sep 7, 2016

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