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Beer Air: Fukuoka Airport’s Beer Garden – With a View and Roar!

Beer Air takes off at Fukuoka Airport once again! And for the last time before reconstruction of the domestic terminal building begins. The beer garden will be open for 127 days, starting this Friday, May 13. Fukuoka Now went to check it out…

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One of the best parts of Beer Air is the unusual view – this is the only beer garden in Fukuoka, (and the world) where you can view airplanes taking off and landing whilst you relax with a cold one. Instead of the light jazz or tinkly tunes you usually hear in a bar or restaurant, listen to the rush and roar of airplane engines!

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It’s hard not to feel a surge of excitement when one encounters the futuristic automatic beer dispensers for the first time (or the second, or the third…), and this year there are even more dispensers to play with – and not just for beer! This is the first time we’d seen a Nikka Whisky’s Black Freezing High Ball dispenser. Entry to Beer Air includes all-you-can-drink beer, shochu, fruit liquor, chu-hai, high ball, wine, Kirin Hard Cider, soft drinks and coffee!

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Thirty bars, restaurants and cafes from inside the airport are serving food at the event, so there’s plenty of tasty food to choose from – and it’s all-you-can-eat (included in entry price)! That includes the Gari Gari Kun popsicles – perfect for hot summer afternoons!

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There are some items available at extra cost, such as premium shochu, sparkling wine, cake (for anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations – you must reserve this by at least the day before you go), ice cream and kakigori (shaved ice).

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Beer Air is open during the day (15:00~17:00) and during the evening (18:30~21:00). So if you’re flying somewhere, why not check your luggage in early and then head to the beer garden?

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There are plenty of official Beer Air goods available, all of which make nice souvenirs. Choose from coasters, badges, T-shirts, memo pads, and hand towels.

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A group discount is available in the evenings: ¥4,300 per person for groups of 20 or more. Bookings must be made in advance (registration is already open): call by 21:00 the day before for daytime registrations,and by 13:00 the same day for evening registrations. Book now to avoid disappointment! Beer Air seats 230, and both smoking and non-smoking sections are available. Please note: closed in case of inclement weather.

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• Evening slot: 5/13 (Fri.) ~ 9/16 (Fri.), Afternoon slot: 7/1 (Fri.) ~ 8/31 (Wed.)
• Day: 15:00~17:00, Night: 18:30~21:00
• Day: Adult ¥3,280, MS and HS ¥1,500, 4y.o. ~ ES ¥780, 3y.o. and younger free; Night: Adult ¥4,500, MS and HS ¥2,100, 4y.o. ~ ES ¥1,000, 3y.o. and younger free
• 4F Observation Deck, Terminal 2, Fukuoka Airport
• reservations: 092-623-0555 (10:00~21:00)

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Published: May 12, 2016 / Last Updated: May 12, 2016