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Fukuoka bus tours are great fun

The Fukuoka Open Top Bus tour became a hit soon after it began operation this spring. The open-air buses visit the major sightseeing locations in the city, and the view from the deck is both splendid and a lot of fun. Two buses — one red and one blue — are currently in operation on three courses, all of which start from the municipal offices in Tenjin. One course includes Seaside Momochi, Ohori Park, and the site of the old Fukuoka Castle. Another course hits the Hakata high spots, including Bayside Place and the Kushida Shinto shrine. The third course is a single run at night that provides great views of the night scenes in the city.


Bus routes in the city are well-established, so it is possible to go to most places by bus. The routes might be difficult to understand for first-time visitors and foreigners, however. In addition to traveling to the best tourist spots, another advantage of the Open Top Bus tours is that riders can get on and off the bus anywhere at all during the day, as long as it is on the same route. Descriptions of the sites are broadcast in the bus, and the company lends the riders hand-held terminals with information in English, Korean, and Chinese. It’s perfect for a newcomer to Fukuoka.

There’s also the Green Bus that shuttles between Fukuoka and Hakata tourist spots. This bus has a roof, but the green color and the wooden seats give it a relaxing atmosphere. It’s also wheelchair-accessible. Buying a one-day pass allows riders to board not only the Green Bus, but also the regular route buses as well.

For more in-depth exploration of Fukuoka, you might consider the Fukuoka Taiken Bus Ticket, a two-day pass that lets passengers ride all they like. There are also different programs, including the Hakata Bay cruise, a visit to the street stalls, and the chance to decorate Hakata dolls. Some of these courses would be unfamiliar even to the locals, so it’s an excellent way to discover Fukuoka by bus.

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Published: Apr 24, 2012 / Last Updated: Jun 21, 2019

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