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Fukuoka Through the Lens

Have you ever had the urge to visit a city after seeing pictures of it? Or maybe you fell in love with a town during your visit? Perhaps you’ve wanted to see it from the same angles as you found while flipping through a glossy photo book? Did you fall in love with it as a visitor and then decide to re-locate there? Some readers may have had such experiences. Fukuoka City wants you to come back again, stay longer, and maybe even make it your home. Fukuoka City Hall has just published a picture book titled “Fukuoka’s Face – Fukuoka Panorama.” We hope it will inspire you to come back – or never leave!

For this first-ever project, we commissioned three photographers to capture the very best of Fukuoka. First, Junichi Kai shows us the skies and clouds of Fukuoka. He wants Fukuoka to be remembered for its beautiful skies which offer something special each season. Next, Shinya Kawakami rediscovers the natural beauty of Fukuoka through pictures that fuse images of man-made objects and nature. Finally, Kazuhisa Shiihara’s photos depict Fukuoka; lively and gorgeous. Shot in everyday situations, they share the richness of citizens’ lives – full of energy and even a bit chaotic.

Hakata and Fukuoka, existing side-by-side, represent a contrast between the new and the old. Fukuoka boasts an impressive line-up of historical and cultural properties and interesting attractions such as festivals, events and food culture. Mayor Hiroshi Yoshida says, “Fukuoka is a (photogenic city) which has many sites and scenes that you’ll want to snap with your shutter button.” However, the full extent of its attractiveness is not well-known to visitors, or even to those living here. To express the charm of Fukuoka in just one shot is impossible, but we hope our selection of these fine images will inspire you to visit or move to Fukuoka.

The book is on sale on the first floor of City Hall inside Joho Plaza, Maruzen Bookstore (Fukuoka Building), Junkudo Bookstore, and Books Kubrick in Akasaka for ¥1,500 (including seven postcards.)

Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn104, Aug., 2007)


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Published: Aug 1, 2007 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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