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Grill at Home – Introducing Ryuen’s Premium Kuroge Wagyu Beef BBQ Set

Ryuen, a popular yakiniku restaurant in Nishi-nakasu is offering a premium quality take-out yakiniku set for a limited time. The package includes six different cuts of Kyushu Kuroge Wagyu for a total of 850g, ideal as a gift for friends who appreciated quality or as a special treat for your family. The set also includes Ryuen’s original cabbage kimchi, with just the right among of zing, and two of Ryuen’s original sauces. All you need is a grill or barbeque to cook it up.

Ryuen’s Japanese Black Beef Yakiniku Set
(2-3 portions) ¥10,000 (consumption tax and shipping included)

Set contains:
• Thickly slice Tongue: 150g
• Kuroge Wagyu Sirloin: 100g
• Kuroge Wagyu Beef Short Ribs: 200g
• Beef Rare cuts: 200g
• Beef Inner Skirt Steak: 200g
• Marinate Sauces 200g
• Ryuen’s yakiniku sauces (sweet and regular): 50g each
• Original Blended Salt: 15g

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The meat is pre-cut, vacuum-packed, and arrives chilled (or frozen). Store in the refrigerator or defrost before cooking.

Before use the sauce in the pack to marinate and season. Don’t forget to rub the sardines even if you put the meat in the bowl before baking, except for the rare parts and the tongue.

Don’t overcook it!

Wrap the grilled meat in a large green leaf and add some kimchi – yum! For the tongue and rare cuts, use the included Ryuen Blended Salt with a squeeze of lemon.

Perfect for a Mother’s Day gift (hint, hint) or to surprise the family.

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Published: Apr 29, 2020 / Last Updated: Jul 22, 2020

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