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Ichiran Opens New Factory, Museum, Restaurant, Shop and Garden in Itoshima

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Today, July 17, Manabu Yoshitomi, President of Ichiran (famous pork-broth ramen restaurant chain) presided over the opening of “Ichiran’s Mori” a new ~92,560 square meter development in Itoshima. It opens to the public 24 hours/day from July 18. With 593 parking spaces and various attractions, it’s expected to become a new tourist destination in Itoshima.

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Here’s an outline of the five zones inside Ichiran’s Mori.

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1. Tea Garden of Sound & Light An expansive tea garden with a patch of clover as wide as Tokyo Dome! Enjoy drinks and desserts with a view of Itoshima. The garden’s nighttime illumination changes with the music selected by guests. The garden is expected to become a popular tourist destination within Itoshima. Admission is free with one drink order.

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2. Ramen Factory This is where the delicious Ichiran flavors are made! Naturally, some processes are top secret, so only parts of the factory are visible to the public through window on the side of the factory building.

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3. Tonkotsu Ramen Museum People of all ages, but especially children can learn about the history of Ichiran and its dedication to flavorful foods through photographs, illustrations and displays. There are also displays explaining the origins of tonkotsu (pork) ramen and a “ramen map” of Japan.

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4. Restaurant Enjoy a bowl of Ichiran’s original recipe “Natural Tonkotsu (Pork) Ramen” and “Hakata Tonkotsu (Pork) Gyoza” which are only available here, at the Ichiran Main shop in Nakasu and at the Oita Benten Shop. Each week a special “factory-location-only” version of Ichiran tonkotsu ramen is offered. Try it fresh from the factory!

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5. Souvenir Shop The souvenir shop sells a selection of cook-at-home Ichiran ramen dishes and other unique souvenir items.


Ichiran’s Mori Open 24 hours everyday 256-10 Shima Matsuguma, Itoshima City, Fukuoka 092-332-8902

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Published: Jul 17, 2014 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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