Wakamatsu Farm Market & Cafe Rita

This spacious cafe and shop opened this summer in a quiet town at the valley’s base in Itoshima.

The renovated warehouse is directly managed by Wakamatsu Farm, which grows fruits and vegetables using organic farming methods. Intending to create a “healing space,” the Wakamatsu couple moved from Tokyo to Itoshima. Without any prior connections, they have successfully established a farm and now Cafe Rita as a place where people can live and enjoy their products and connect.

The cafe currently serves handmade pizzas made with natural yeast dough and original sweets and drinks such as sweet summer orange squash.

The “Seasonal Farm Pizza (¥1,480, tax excl.)” is loaded with freshly picked vegetables, and the “Marinara (¥1,480, tax excl.)” is made with homemade tomato sauce and fresh tomatoes. The 23 cm pizzas are a satisfying size and available for takeout. Sweets such as a soft roll cake and soy yogurt ice cream go great with tea made from olive leaves grown on the Wakamatsu Farm and are available for tea time.

The shop also sells processed goods useful for daily life, such as aromatic oils and detergents and friendly items to both people and nature.

The shop is about a three-minute walk from JR Fukuyoshi Station. Such convenience is rare for cafes in Itoshima! From the station, you can see both the sea and mountains. It’s a lovely area that now has another good reason to visit.

Wakamatsu Farm Market & Cafe Rita
Address : 3745-8 Nijo-yoshii, Itoshima City, Fukuoka [ MAP ]
Open : 11:00~17:00 (L.O. 16:00) / shop 10:00~17:00
Close : Tue.
Food & Drink
Published: Oct 6, 2021 / Last Updated: Oct 6, 2021

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