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Kiwami Fish Burgers – New, Healthy Itoshima Fast Food

Could this be another hit trend from Itoshima? Well actually, Yui Shibata began selling these fabulous fish burgers seven years ago. Now there are two kinds of burgers to choose from, each made with freshly caught local white fish which is deep fried on order. The “Original” fish burger (¥400) features a sweet soy sauce and a lightly toasted bun with shredded cabbage and handmade tartar sauce. The new “Tomato Sauce” (¥400) version is smothered with a tomato and veggie sauce and also comes with the same toasted bun.

kiwami fish burger jun 2016  001

kiwami fish burger jun 2016  002

Yui is the mother of four young children and her husband, Katsuya, is a fisherman. The idea for the burgers came from the children’s desire to eat burgers, but her concern for their health. Her fish burgers are made almost entirely out of locally sourced ingredients. The fish varies with the season, the veggies are all local Itoshima produce, and the buns are made for her by a bakery in Susenji.

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Her shop is tiny and tucked away in the sleepy fishing village of Kizaki (near Futamigaura). Look for the brown colored signs. Note, currently they are only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Besides burgers, they also have a freezer filled with fish caught by her husband and others in the local fishing cooperative. Drop by for a hearty and tasty take-out, or perhaps some fish to fry at home.

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Address: 1154 Nishinoura, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka (off of Route 54)
Open: 10:00~15:00 (or until sold out)
Closed: Sun. ~ Wed.
Tel: 090-5720-1312


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Published: Aug 20, 2016 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017