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Menchanko-tei Tenjin – Opening Report

With six shops in Kyushu and one in Honolulu we thought the popular “noodle and nabe” restaurant Menchanko-tei had already made the big time. But it wasn’t until last week that they finally opened a shop in Kyushu’s most prime dining and shopping area, Tenjin. The new location is just steps away from the Apple Store on Kokutai-doro. Fukuoka Now attended a tasting event for the media. Read on to see why we think you should check it out too.

The interior, consistent with their other locations, features comfortable booth seating with tatami-covered bench seats. Upbeat jazz music plays in the background, colorful noren (cloth curtains) are hung on the walls, and large chochin (paper lanterns) creates a very festive atmosphere, yet still keeps an at-home comfortable feel.

Two new dishes, a tonkotsu (pork bone broth) hot pot and a lemon-salted motsu (offal) hot pot make their debut here. Yujiro Yoneyama (CEO) is especially proud of the tonkotsu version of the hot pot. Acknowledging the popularity of tonkotsu ramen amongst locals and visitors alike, he and his team developed a crossover dish of motsunabe and tonkotsu ramen. So, after you’ve enjoyed all the meat and veggies, ramen-style noodles are added to the pot and your second course of tonkotsu ramen begins! The broth, enriched with flavors from the other ingredients remains light and compliments the noodles, which you cook to your preferred firmness on the gas stove by yourself.

Alternatively, the other new dish, the lemon-salted offal hot pot, is likely to appeal to those who prefer a lighter and more refreshing flavor. Even so, we suggest you add a dash of their aromatic yuzu kosho (yuzu chili paste) to enjoy a more zesty taste. Or be even more adventurous and try the the yuzu kosho in the black bottle which is made with sansho (Japanese pepper), but be careful not to add too much!

The side dishes are as good as the main, so order a few! We enjoyed the chicken nanban, mentaiko egg roll, and steamed dumplings. Then for dessert, their egg custard pudding (matcha and caramel flavors) was a perfect ending to a tasty and filling meal. Finally, a convenient location to enjoy one of Fukuoka’s most unique noodle restaurants! Check it out soon.

Menchanko-tei Tenjin
1F (A), 2-3-10 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
• Open: 10:30~5:00 (L.O. 4:30)
• Closed: Never
• Menu: Tonkotsu hot pot ¥1,015, lemon-salted motsu hot pot ¥1,015, chicken nanban ¥626, mentaiko egg roll ¥626, steamed dumplings ¥421, egg custard pudding (matcha and caramel flavors) ¥300

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Published: Aug 7, 2018 / Last Updated: Aug 7, 2018

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