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26 More Infections in Fukuoka including a Centenarian – Hotel To Accept COVID-19 Patients

On April 9, local authorities announced 26 more COVID-19 infections in Fukuoka Prefecture. Fourteen of them are Fukuoka City, including a centenarian (showing no symptoms) whose son tested positive on the day before. Three of the residents at the elderly-care home where the city’s first suspected in-facility infections occurred turned out to be positive, though previously, they had been tested negative on April 2. In Kitakyushu City, a case involving a school teacher at Yachigoe Elementary School has also been reported. Meanwhile, a Fukuoka-City based hotel company, Toho Hotel, expressed their readiness to accept new coronavirus patients with mild or no symptoms in response to the Government’s declaration of a state of emergency. It would lease one of the group hotels (approximately 70 rooms) inside Fukuoka City as soon as they receive such a request from national or local governments. Source: NHK  , Toho  and PRTimes

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Published: Apr 10, 2020 / Last Updated: Apr 10, 2020