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Automation Test at JR Kyushu Kashii Line

Japan’s unique automatic driving standard, GoA2.5, is being tested for the first time in Japan. The Kashii Line, a 25-kilometer section of the conventional line running through Fukuoka City and other areas, is scheduled to begin demonstration operations in December 2022. JR Kyushu is aiming for “driverless operation,” in which a train attendant is placed at the front of the train in place of the driver. Unlike lines such as Tokyo’s Yurikamome, which are designed for driverless operation and run on elevated tracks without grade crossings and have platform doors at stations, the Kashii Line has 46 grade crossings and 16 stations. This is the first time in Japan that automatic operation has been implemented in such an environment. The Kashii Line has achieved this by combining automatic stopping devices installed on the ground with devices on the train to control speed and stopping position. In the demonstration operation, a licensed driver is still riding at the front of the train. Still, after pressing a button to start running, the train does not accelerate, decelerate, or stop but simply puts its hand on the button for an emergency stop in case of an emergency. Source: NHK

Automation Test at JR Kyushu Kashii LinePhoto from Rsa 

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Published: Sep 14, 2022 / Last Updated: Sep 14, 2022

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