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City Bulletin May 2012

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

Alien Registration System Ends, Residence Card Issuance Begins
The alien registration system will end on July 9, 2012, and foreign residents will be issued residence cards. A notification with a preliminary card will be sent in the second half of May to foreigners to verify the information. They will be asked to report mistakes or changes to their ward office in person, bringing alien registration cards and passports. Failure to report any changes means the information on the preliminary card will go on the residence card on July 9.

Fukuoka Museum Week
The following seven museums are holding special events to promote the knowledge of art and Fukuoka history and culture among the citizens. Those museums denoted by a * will offer free admission during the week.
● Fukuoka City Museum*, Fukuoka Art Museum*, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum*, Fukuoka Prefecture Museum of Art*, Fukuoka City Archaeology Center, Hakatamachiya Furusatokan, Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum
● Duration: Nine days from May 12, except days the museums are closed. http://f-museum.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/museumweek/index

Image only and not part of exhibitions.

Kabuki by Boat
In a traditional event, kabuki actors will board boats and give a performance on the river to attract viewers to the theater, where they will come ashore. Nakamura Kichiemon and the other actors appearing in the June Hakata-za Kabuki will perform on several boats as they call out to the people on shore while sailing downstream, accompanied by bells, drums, and flutes.
● On Hakata River between Canal City Seiryu Park and Hakata Riverain
● Tuesday May 29, 13:00~14:40 *If it rains the ceremony will be at Hakata Riverain only.

Gradual Start of Fukuoka City Wi-Fi Service on April 27
Fukuoka City Wi-Fi, the city’s free public LAN service, will begin on April 27 to improve the city’s appeal and competitiveness.
● Locations: Subway stations on Airport line, City Tourist Guide Center (Tenjin), 1st floor lobby and west side of Fureai Hiroba at City Hall , *Coming soon: Subway stations on Hakozaki line and Nanakuma line, Tourist Guide Center (Hakata).
● Other locations: Fukuoka Airport, Port of Hakata international terminals, Tenjin underground shopping arcade and Bayside Place.

The Dontaku Cruise on the Water Bus
To celebrate the first anniversary of the Naka River water bus, there will be a 20-minute sightseeing cruise on the Naka River. It will be a lot of fun to see the Dontaku excitement on the streets of Fukuoka
● May 3 and 4 (Hol.), at about 30-minute intervals from 12:45
● Location: Next to Deaibashi at Tenjin Chuo Park
● Adults ¥500, children ¥250, children younger than three free


City Sites Free to Public on Greenery Day!

These sites will be open to the public for free on Greenery Day, May 4.
● Fukuoka City Zoo (Minami Koen, Chuo-ku), Rakusuien (2 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku) Shofuen (3 Hirao, Chuo-ku), Yusentei (Jonan-ku). From April 28~30, May 3~6, a free shuttle bus will run every 10~15 minutes from the Sakurazaka subway station to the zoo, between 8:45~17:15.

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Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn161, May 2012)

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