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City Bulletin Nov. 2011

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

Center Provides Advice on Child Abuse
People are encouraged to consult with Egao-kan, the Fukuoka City Consultation Center, if they suspect child abuse, which has become more serious in recent years. Except for the yearend and new year holidays, it provides advice 24 hours a day by telephone at 092-833-3000. Female counselors answer a call from the girl herself at the number of 092-833-3001. In addition to these numbers, It’s also possible to ask advice from the Child Rearing Support Section (Kosodate Shien-ka) at each ward office.

Trial Bus Runs on Outer Fukuoka Beltway
Trial bus runs begin along the Outer Fukuoka Beltway where several hospitals and medical institutions are located. These are expected to help people visit these medical facilities. The bus service will be provided from the Ohashi Station on the Nishitetsu Omuta Line to the Fukudai-mae Station on the municipal subway’s Nanakuma Line until the end of October 2012. There will be 26 roundtrips on weekdays, 21 on Saturdays, and 20 on Sundays and holidays. The complete trip takes 52 minutes and costs ¥390. For information on the route and schedules call the Nishitetsu Customer Center at 0570-00-1010.

New Walkway and Pick-up / Drop-off Areas
An underground pedestrian walkway and Hakata Sta. Underground Pick-up / Drop-off Areas will open beneath the JR Hakata Station at 14:00, Oct. 31 (Mon.). The drop off/pick up space on the second underground level will have a temporary parking area and taxi stand for station users. Parking fees will be free for 20 minutes, ¥500 for the first hour, and ¥250 for each additional 30 minutes. Using the walkway eliminates the need to wait at the Sumiyoshi-dori signal. The space will be open from 5:15 to 0:25.

Enjoy the Fruits of Fall
Pick up to 2 kilograms of mandarin oranges at Hanahata Gardens near Mt. Abura while enjoying the park’s autumn foliage in November. It’s a great way to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors.

● (1) Nov. 13 (Sun.) (2)Nov. 20 (Sun.) (3) Nov. 23 (Hol.) 11:00, 14:00
● Adults ¥200 / ES & MS ¥100 / Infants, city residents 65 or older, and the disabled and their caregivers free
● Apply by double postcard by (1.) Nov. 2, (2.) Nov. 9, (3.) Nov. 11
● Hanahata Gardens: 7-571-1 Kashihara, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, 811-1353
● Include date requested (you cannot choose time), address, name, age of all members, phone number of the leader.

Use the Subway to Take Great Photos
A photo competition is being held for snapshots taken by passengers who discover interesting sites and scenery while using the municipal subway. Photos of the places where they want to visit or their favorite locations are also welcomed. Flyers providing contest details, including categories and prizes, are available at each subway station. Find a great snapshot subject on your way to work, school, or on the weekends!

● Entries accepted until Nov. 21 (Mon.)
● Burari Snappu Taisho Office (092-751-1598)


The Farm, Forestry, and Fisheries Festival

This entrance free event at the Nagahama Sengyo Ichiba Kaikan (Chuo-ku) has local farm products, milk products, and seafood for sale, food sampling, and demos of tempura and chikuwa preparation.
● Nov. 12 (Sat.) 9:00 ~ 15:30, 13 (Sun.) ~ 14:30
● 092-711-4803 (On the day: 092-711-6402)

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Originally published in Fukuoka Now magazine (fn155, Nov. 2011
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