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City Bulletin November 2012

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

Name the New Gate in Hakata
A new gate to welcome tourists to the city and serve as a new symbol for Hakata is being built at 1 Hakataekimae, in front of Jotenji Temple, and is slated to be finished in 2013. It is designed in the image of the Hakata of the Middle Ages, when the city flourished as a center for trade. The design was modeled after a gate that stood during the Edo period. It is to be a wooden structure covered in tile and about eight meters high. A solicitation for the new gate name will be held from Nov. 1~22. Include all the required information and send your entry by postcard, fax, or e-mail. View the city’s website for more information, or contact the Hakata Ward Area Promotional Division by telephone (419-1010) or fax (434-0053).

Park and Ride Trial
Park and Ride is a means for using the transportation system in which people drive and park at the nearest train station or bus stop and transfer to public transportation. The objective is to reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions. It is now being conducted as a trial for people who drive to work in the Tenjin and Hakata areas. They will drive and park at the parking lot at the Aeon Kashiihama Mall, and take an urban expressway bus from a nearby stop to work. Their only requirement is to purchase a book of coupons to use the parking lot, which costs ¥5,000 a month. Other than that, the system is free. The trial will be conducted from Nov.1 this year to Apr. 30 next year. The service is available from 06:00~23:00. Interested people should apply at the information booth on the first floor of the Aeon Kashiihama Mall.

Oyster Season is Coming
The Miyanoura district on the west side of Hakata Bay, known for many years as Karatomari, is the only oyster-producing area in the city. One of the famous fall attractions of Fukuoka is the oyster huts where people can enjoy eating the large Ebisu oysters roasted over charcoal. The huts open on Nov.1 at 13:00.

● The green spaces at the municipal Umizuri Park (Oda, Nishi Ward)
● Open from Nov. 1, 2012, to the end of Mar., 2013, from 11:00~17:00. (Last orders at 16:30.)
● Closed on Thu. and during the year end holidays

Come Pick Mikan!
Visitors can enjoy flowers and fruit throughout the four seasons at the Hanahata Park near Mt. Abura. They can also harvest up to two kilograms of Mandarin oranges per person. If you’re interested, send a return postcard with your name, age, day of visit, and contact information to the park at 7-571-1 Kashiwara, Minami Ward.

● 11/18 (Sun.), 11:00~,14:00~ (must apply by 11/7)
● 11/23 (Fri. hol.), 11:00~,14:00~ (must apply by 11/13)
● Capacity: 1,200 people
● Fee: ¥200 for adults, ¥100 for primary and junior high school students
● For information contact the Hanahata Park at 565-5114.

Yipee! For FREE!

Fukuoka Food Fair!
An event featuring the sale of fresh and safe agricultural and maritime products of the city will be held on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 09:00~15:30. at the plaza in front of the Fukuoka City Sengyo Ichiba Kaikan at 3 Nagahama, Chuo Ward. There will be plenty of rice, vegetables, fruit, chicken and other eggs, meat, dairy products, and seafood products for sale. Also, oysters, tempura, chikuwa, and other products will be cooked and sold on-site.

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Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn167, Nov. 2012)

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