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Court Rejects Fishermen’s Floodgate Appeal

The Fukuoka High Court rejected an appeal by fishermen in Nagasaki Prefecture who demanded the opening of a floodgate on a dike in Isahaya Bay due to damage to the fishing industry caused by reclamation work. The court acknowledged that the closure of the dike has worsened the fishing environment in the bay and led to decreased catches. However, the judge cited reasons such as the reclamation project’s high public interest and public benefit, as well as potential agricultural damage due to salt damage if the floodgate were opened without taking prior measures. The case is one of several lawsuits involving the reclamation project in Isahaya Bay, which has led to conflicting judicial decisions. In March, the Supreme Court rejected the fishermen’s appeal, effectively unifying the judicial decision in favor of not opening the floodgate. Source: NHK

Court Rejects Fishermen's Floodgate AppealPhoto from Marufish

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Published: Mar 29, 2023 / Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023

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