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Decrease in Tourists to Kumamoto in 2016

The total number of tourists who visited Kumamoto Prefecture in 2016 was approximately 48 million, which was nearly 11 million less than the year before. Statistics gathered by the prefecture were released on Nov. 10, revealing that the number of tourists visiting for the day was down approx. 20%, while visitors staying in the region dropped by 6%. The dramatic drop in numbers is believed to be caused by the decrease in the number of day trip visitors, damage done to tourist facilities by the Kumamoto earthquakes, and the cancellation of numerous events in the area. The number of tourists visiting Kumamoto had not fallen under 50 million since 1997. Visitors to Aso were also down by 37.7%. The disruption to the transportation network caused by the earthquakes and a decrease in educational-related travel to the area are said to be the major causes for the decline. Authorities have confirmed that the number of visitors are slowly returning to normal thanks to the support for the tourism industry and the restoration work that were carried out. Source: NTT Resonant Inc. (GOO News), 11/11/2017

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Published: Nov 15, 2017 / Last Updated: Nov 15, 2017

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