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Detailed Route Schedule For Torch Relay in Fukuoka Announced

Detailed time schedules for the Tokyo 2020 Torch relay were announced. During the two-day tour in Fukuoka Prefecture, the torch will travel through Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and Ohori Park. Approximately 200 runners will carry the flame through twenty municipalities. Detailed time schedules for other prefectures are available on the Tokyo 2020 official websiteSource: NHK / Fukuoka Prefecture

May 11
Omuta City: 8:45 City Hall entrance – 9:11 Suwa Park
Chikugo City: 9:28 Kyushu Geibun-kan – 9:56 Stadium (Kyujo-mae)
Itoshima City: 10:10 Ito Cultural Hall – 10:23 City Hall
Kurume City: 11:12 Mutsukado Intersection – 11:36 Kurume City Plaza
Kasuga City: 12:30 Kasuga Park – 12:43 Kasuga Park Baseball Stadium
Asakura City: 14:18 Hamakawa Bridge West side – 14:46 Sunrise Haki
Toho Village: 15:10 Chikuzen Iwaya Sta. – 15:25 Tanada Shinsui Park
Fukuoka City: 15:35 NTT Nishinihon Tenjin Bldg. – 15:45 NTT Nishinihon Tenjin Bldg.
Dazaifu City: 16:28 Dazaifu Tenmangu – 16:55 Dazaifu Government Office Ruins
Fukuoka City: 17:50 Seiryu Park – 18:00 
Shime Town: 18:13 Shime Town “Shimate” – 18:39 Fukuoka Toyopet Shime Town shop
Fukuoka City: 19:53 Ohori Park  Noh Theater – 20:30 Heiwadai Athletic Field

May 12
Chikujo Town: 8:37 Chikujo Town Product Shop “Matase” – 9:03 Chikujo Town office Tsuiki Branch 
Tagawa City: 10:33 Tagawa Children Center Parking – 10:58 Sakuramachi Community Center Intersection 
Soeda Town: 11:22 Soeda Town Office – 11:34 Soeda Community Center Parking
Iizuka City: 12:53 Izuka City Hall – 13:18 Izuka City Cultural Center 
Keisen Town: 13:33 Kaisei Sta. Parking – 13:45 Ozuka Ancient Tomb
Miyawaka City: 14:44 Miyawaka City Hall – 15:11 Honjo Intersection
Miyawaka City: 15:20 Toyota Kyushu – 15:30 Toyota Kyushu
Munakata City: 16:22 Hinosato 1cho-me Housing complex – 16:48 Munakata Yurix
Nakama City: 18:15 Onga River Pumping Station Parking – 18:39 Museum Without A Roof
Fukutsu City: 18:54 Shinbaru, Nuyama Ancient Tomb  – 19:07 Shinbaru, Nuyama Ancient Tomb Observatory
Kitakyushu City: 20:04 Mojiko Retro Observatory – 20:30 Mojiko (Kanmon Kaikyo Museum Event Square)

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Published: Mar 4, 2021 / Last Updated: Mar 4, 2021