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Direct Express Bus Service From Tenjin to Itoshima Starts

In addition to the current Showa Bus Nishinoura Route, which departs from JR Kyushu University Gakkentoshi Station, a new West Coast Liner will begin service on July 21, 2022, directly connecting Hakata/Tenjin with the Kitazaki/Futamigaura area by highway bus. From the Tenjin 4-chome bus stop to Futamigaura takes about 55 minutes and costs ¥1,150. A total of six buses depart from Hakata between 9:38 and 12:38, and six from Futamigaura between 13:50 and 17:00 on weekdays, and seven between 13:50 and 18:00 on weekends and holidays.
Reference: Showa Bus “Hakata/Tenjin – Futamigaura direct bus West Coast Liner

Direct Express Bus Service From Tenjin to Itoshima Starts / 糸島の二見ヶ浦へ天神天神から直行高速バス、7月21日より運行開始

Bus Stops
• Hakata Bus Terminal
• Gion-machi
• Gofuku-machi
• Hakata Gomachi
• Nakasu
• Tenjin 4-chome
• Tenjin 3-chome (stop only for Futamigaura)
(Fukuoka Urban Expressway~Nishi Kyushu Expressway)
• Imazu Athletic Park
• Ohara Bridge
• Ohara Nishi
• Ohara Nishi
• Umi Tsuri Koen-mae
• In front of Zauo Main Store
• Miyanoura
• In front of Nishi no Ura nursery school
• Palm Beach
• Tsuki to Taiyou Itoshima Sabo
• Futamigaura (in front of Meoto-iwa)
• Tsumande Goran
• Imuta
• Sakurai
• Showa Bus Office Ito Branch

Time zone and number of buses
• Hakata Bus Terminal→Futamigaura: 9:38-12:38, 6 runs in total
• From Futamigaura to Hakata Bus Terminal
Weekdays 13:50-17:00, 6 runs in total
Weekends and holidays: 13:50-18:00, 7 buses in total

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Published: Jun 27, 2022 / Last Updated: Jun 27, 2022

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