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Eateries Purchase 600 Bottles of Sake to Support Jojima Breweries

Fourteen izakaya restaurants in Fukuoka City are gifting free Jojima sake bottles to their customers. The shops purchased approximately 600 bottles of freshly brewed sake and more to support local breweries that faced the cancelation of the seasonal barrel opening event. They used Fukuoka Prefecture financial aid given to cooperative shops with the new coronavirus-prevention requirements to cover the initiative’s costs. Source: Sake Hopping Hakata

Participating shops *liquors are currently provided until 19:00.
吟醸酒肆 ネッスンドルマ
博多空気椅子酒場 輝
串揚げ たつかわ
博多酒場 ソルリバ
go -ニホンシュト-
食と酒 なかむた
九州郷土料理 わらび
日本料理 たてやま
中華と発酵 日本酒バル ココカラ

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Published: Feb 19, 2021 / Last Updated: Feb 19, 2021