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Fast Track for Kitakyushu-Shimonoseki Road

A meeting took place to fast-track the development of a proposed new arterial road connecting Kitakyushu and Shimonoseki cities. Local and state officials gathered to confirm their commitment to urging the national government to advance the project quickly. The proposed road is seen as a vital addition to the existing but aging Kanmon Bridge and Kanmon Tunnel. The approximately 8-kilometer project aims to bolster regional tourism and logistics. Both the governors of Fukuoka and Yamaguchi Prefectures stressed the importance of the new road for regional development and pledged to cooperate in the necessary planning procedures. The meeting concluded with a unanimous agreement to ask the government to expedite the project and to ensure it stimulates local economies. Source: Fukuoka Prefecture / NHK

Fast Track for Kita Kyushu-Shimonoseki RoadPhoto from Kazuhisa Takeuchi official X

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Published: Oct 24, 2023 / Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023

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