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Fukuoka Boosts Talent Recruitment for Global Financial Firms

In its quest to become a leading international financial city, Fukuoka Prefecture has partnered with local recruitment agencies to assist foreign financial institutions in securing top talent. This initiative, a collaboration with Fukuoka City and the local business community, aims to position Fukuoka as Asia’s premier financial hub, building on the presence of 23 companies from Asia and the West. The new system allows for efficient job postings across multiple recruitment firms, facilitating better access to skilled professionals for incoming businesses. Governor Hattori expressed confidence in the initiative’s potential to bolster Fukuoka’s financial sector, while Taichi Fujii, president of ACR, highlighted the unique cooperation between the local government and private recruitment services for the city’s development. Source: Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuoka Boosts Talent Recruitment for Global Financial FirmsFukuoka Boosts Talent Recruitment for Global Financial Firms

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Feb 14, 2024 / Last Updated: Feb 14, 2024

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