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Fukuoka City Bulletin August 2015

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New Cycling Rules in Effect
As of June 1, cyclists aged 14 and older who commit one of 14 violations, such as riding while intoxicated, two or more times within three years must take a rider safety course. One of the violations, unsafe cycling, covers accidents caused by riding while using a mobile device or with an open umbrella. Inquiries: Civic Safety Section (092-711-4061)

Cycling Rules

Supporting the Film Industry in Fukuoka
The Fukuoka Film Commission was established in 2003 as a public-private venture between 17 municipalities in the metro Fukuoka area, chambers of commerce and other organizations. By promoting Fukuoka as a location for TV shows and films, it strives to boost the region’s name recognition, invigorate the film industry and cultivate creative human resources. Want to be an extra? Register on the Commission homepage today. (www.fukuoka-film.com). Inquiries: Content Industry Promotion Section (092-733-5171)

Film Industry Logo

Film Festival 25th Anniversary Pre-Event
Through the years, the Focus on Asia International Film Festival Fukuoka has striven to provide local citizens with a better understanding of Asia by showcasing outstanding Asian films. This year, the festival’s 25th anniversary, a special screening of the top citizen-requested film out of 25 carefully-selected titles will be held at 14:00 on Aug. 30 (Sat) in the Fukuoka City Public Library Movie Hall (Cinela). To join, please apply from the festival’s homepage before Aug. 14. Free admission will be granted to 200 persons (100 pairs). Inquiries: Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival Office (092-733-5170)

Film Fest Logo

Watch Out for Redback Spiders
Measuring about 3~4cm including their legs, redback spiders can be identified by all-black bodies with a distinctive red stripe on the back. If you find one, do not touch it; kill it with insecticide spray. Redback spiders favor warm places near the ground where they can feed on insects. If you are bitten, wash the bite with warm water or soapy cold water and seek medical attention. For more information, contact the Living Environment Section at your local Ward Office.

Redback Spider

Night Zoo
Every year, the City Zoo holds Night Zoo events every Saturday of August. This year, to respond to increasing demand, Night Zoo will extend to the second Saturday of September, for a total of seven nights: Aug. 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 and Sept. 5 & 12. On Night Zoo nights, you can catch a free shuttle bus from Exit 1 of Ropponmatsu Station on the City Subway Nanakuma Line. Buses depart every 15 minutes, with the last bus back to the station leaving at 21:15.

Night Zoo

Lost a Pet? Call Animal Support
The Eastern Fukuoka Animal Welfare & Management Center (aka Animal Port) is here to help you with all your pet-related needs—from licensing to lost-and-found. You can also check their homepage for information on lost pets currently being held in their pens (http://wannyan.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/). If you’ve lost a pet, it may have been turned into Animal Support, so be sure to give them a call at 092-691-0131.

Animal Support

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Fukuoka City Bulletin

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Originally published in Fukuoka Now (fn200, Aug. 2015)

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Published: Jul 29, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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