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Fukuoka City Bulletin November 2015

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

It’s Time for Fukuoka Marathon 2015
Fukuoka Marathon 2015 will kick off at the Tenjin intersection at 8:20 on Nov. 8 (Sun.). Pre-events, including stage performances, oyster huts and other food booths, will be held in Tenjin Chuo Park on Nov. 6 (Fri.) and 7 (Sat.), 10:00~20:00. On race day (10:00~16:00), performers and more than 60 food booths will pack Shima Chuo Park (near Hatsu intersection in Itoshima), the marathon finish line. This year, the numbered bibs will feature each runner’s name in large print, so now you can cheer on the runners by name.

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Visit Your Local School
Nov. 1 (Sun.) ~ Nov. 7 (Sat.) is School Open House Week in Fukuoka City. All of the City’s elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, special needs schools and kindergartens will be opened to the public so that local residents, in addition to parents and guardians, can see what’s going on in schools and gain a better understanding of school education in Fukuoka. The open house dates differ depending on the school, so interested persons should contact each school directly for details. Inquiries: School Support Section (092-711-4636)

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Fukuoka Culture Prize
The Fukuoka Culture Prize is awarded to individuals and groups in recognition of their efforts to advance culture and the arts in Fukuoka City. This year’s winners were manga artist, Tochi Ueyama, whose serial comic Cooking Papa, which often depicts foods and street scenes from Fukuoka, has been running for 30 years, and Akihiro Hino, the president of video game developer Level Five. Mr. Hino has played a major role in promoting the media arts, and his company’s hit games include the popular Yo-kai Watch series. Inquiries: Culture Promotion Section (092-711-4665)

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Be Mindful of Fires in the Fall
With fall comes drier weather, which raises the risk of fires, so please be mindful when using fire in the home or at work. Last year, the biggest causes of fires were arson, stoves, cigarettes, heaters and electrical appliances, and more than 70% of heater fires were caused by electric heaters. Cigarettes also caused many fires. Arson is the number one cause of fire and appears to trend upward from October to December. You can help prevent arson by not leaving flammable items outside your house and by leaving lights on during the night. Inquiries: Prevention Section, Fire Prevention Bureau (092-725-6611)

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Now Accepting Applications for City-run Housing
Starting on Nov. 4 (Wed.), the Application Section of the Fukuoka City Housing Corporation will distribute guidelines for available city-run housing along with application forms to the Information Corners at Ward Offices and the Information Plaza on the 1st floor of City Hall. If you are interested in applying, please send your application, postmarked no later than Nov. 13 (Fri.), to the Application Section of the Fukuoka City Housing Corporation (4-1 Tenyamachi, Hakata-ku, 812-0025). You can also apply online at http://nicety.or.jp/. Inquiries: Fukuoka City Housing Corporation, Application Section (092-271-2561)

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Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn203, Nov. 2015)

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Published: Oct 28, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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