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Fukuoka City Bulletin October 2015

Selected news topics by Fukuoka Now from Fukuoka’s Shisei Dayori.

Social Security and Tax Number Notification
Anyone with a Certificate of Residence as of Oct. 5 will receive a notification of their Social Security and Tax Number (aka My Number) ahead of the system’s launch next January. These cards will be sent by registered mail, so if you are not home during the day, please make arrangements for re-delivery. Each municipality will mail these cards at different times, and Fukuoka City will begin doing so in November. If you will be moving on or after Oct. 5, your case will be processed by the government office in your new location. Please confirm these procedures when you submit your change of address form. National hotline: 0570-20-0291 (Weekdays: 9:30~17:30)

Fukuoka Asian Party
The Fukuoka Asian Party, whose theme this year is ‘Creative Contemporary Asia’, will be held in the plaza on the west side of City Hall on Oct. 9~11. The Party will feature stage performances that meld traditional Asian culture with cutting-edge visuals, a conferral ceremony for the Fukuoka Creators Award, appearances by artists and pop idols from Fukuoka and around Asia, and Asian food booths.

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Fukuoka City Startup Cafe
Located on the third floor of Tsutaya in Imaizumi, the Startup Cafe offers assistance to people who want to start their own businesses. Visitors can make use of free wi-fi, electrical outlets and a copier, as well as of any of the 30,000 business books on Tsutaya’s shelves. Full-time staff are on hand to offer free consulting from 10:00 until 22:00 (apply by 21:00). There are also staff who can speak English, so non-Japanese are more than welcome to stop by. Inquiries: Startup Cafe (080-3940-9455)

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Gold Seal Festival
The 9th Shikanoshima Gold Seal Festival will be held on Oct. 10~12, 17 & 18. A ‘Discover History’ stamp rally will be held every day during the festival period from 10:00~17:00. A festival will be held at Shikanoshima Shrine on Oct. 11, followed by yabusame (mounted archery) on Oct. 12. On Oct. 18, visitors can try their hand at jibiki-ami (fishing by casting a large net from the shore). Inquiries: 092-603-0551 (Festival Organizing Committee)

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ACROS Classical Music Fest
The ACROS Classical Music Fest will be held on Oct. 3 (10:00~19:00) and Oct. 4 (10:00~17:00). The event will feature performances by the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra and a hands-on exhibit of the various instruments used in classical music. Inquiries: 092-725-9112 (ACROS Fukuoka Ticket Center)

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Hakata Akihaku (Autumn Festa) 2015
Hakata Akihaku is a series of events and activities held in October and November. During the festival period, several local eateries put on special offers and fun-filled stamp rallies. For more information, check the pamphlets available at any tourist information desk or log on to www.hakata-akihaku.com. On Oct. 17, the Hakata Tomyo Lantern Arts Festival will light up the area between Hakata Station and Hakata Wharf with tens of thousands of luminaria, an ke to the streets for the Hakata Kenjo Dochu parade.

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Originally published in Fukuoka Now Magazine (fn202, Oct. 2015)

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Published: Sep 28, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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