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Fukuoka Corona Warning Issued for Second Time

The second ‘Fukuoka Corona Warning’ was issued on December 12. According to the prefecture, the situation exceeded two of the four criteria as of December 11. (1) hospital bed occupancy rate reached 29.4% (criteria: 25%+) and (2) an average daily number of infections over three days totaled 85, surpassing the criteria set at 40. The third regional wave of the infection has produced more than twenty clusters between November and December, involving six educational facilities and four company offices. To avoid overloading the local medical infrastructure, the warning asks residents to strictly follow anti-infection measures and local medical facilities to secure hospital beds. Meanwhile, the news reported that the governor of the prefecture, Hiroshi Ogawa, was absent when the assembly decided on the issuance of the new warning. He reportedly developed a symptom similar to pneumonia and was hospitalized to avoid risk. In the prefecture, 71 new infections of the virus were reported on December 13, and the cumulative total reached 6,622. Source: NHK / Mainichi / Yahoo.


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Published: Dec 14, 2020 / Last Updated: Dec 14, 2020