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Fukuoka Court Supports Stall Succession: A Victory for Family Business

In a landmark ruling, the Fukuoka District Court has mandated the city to approve the inheritance application of a man wishing to continue his father’s food stall business in Fukuoka City, marking a significant decision in favor of preserving family-run enterprises.

Keita Hara, 43, faced rejection from the city when he sought approval to inherit his father’s food stall in Hakata Ward due to his father’s failing health three years ago. Under the Fukuoka City Food Stall Basic Ordinance of 2013, succession is permitted once to spouses or direct descendants actively involved in the stall at the time of the ordinance’s enactment. Despite this, the city had initially refused Hara’s request, citing insufficient evidence of his dependency on the stall’s income for his livelihood.

Challenging this decision, Hara contended that the city’s refusal was unjust, leading to a legal battle culminating in the court’s decision. Judge Fumitaka Hayashi highlighted that evidence, including testimonies from individuals working at nearby stalls, supported Hara’s claim of earning a livelihood from the stall, thereby rendering the city’s refusal as baseless.

Reacting to the court’s verdict, Hara expressed a deep sense of duty and relief, emphasizing the importance of carrying on the legacy of his father’s decades-long business. Meanwhile, Fukuoka City expressed disappointment over the court’s decision but indicated plans to review the judgment carefully before deciding on the next steps.

This decision underscores the court’s recognition of the significance of family businesses and the need for administrative processes to support, rather than hinder, their continuity. Source: NHK

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Published: Mar 28, 2024 / Last Updated: Mar 28, 2024

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