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Fukuoka Launches ‘Open Kitchen’ to Tackle Lunch Crunch

In response to a shortage of lunch spots due to the redevelopment of buildings in the Tenjin Big Bang district, Fukuoka City has launched the “Open Kitchen Project”. This initiative is aimed at revitalizing public spaces in the city by easing regulations and allowing food trucks and open cafes to set up shop. Mayor of Fukuoka, Takashima, expressed excitement about the new project, noting that while it’s not a traditional food stall, this could bring a fresh buzz to the city and infuse it with delicious aromas. The first phase of the project has identified public spaces in front of the Tenjin Twin Building, Fukuoka Bank Head Office Building, and Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City, where food trucks have started operating on a rotating basis from May 9. The mouth-watering scents of various cuisines are already wafting through the air.

The regulatory relaxation under this project, which allows for the continuous presence of food trucks even outside of events, is expected to alleviate the issue of ‘lunch refugees’ in the city center’s Tenjin district. The term ‘lunch refugees’ refers to those who struggle to find a place to eat due to the ongoing redevelopment. The Open Kitchen Project, which kicked off on May 9, has seen a relaxation of regulations on public spaces, making it easier for food trucks and open cafes to operate. Previously, regulations limited the use of public spaces within building premises for events to 180 days a year, with each event lasting no more than ten days. These restrictions have now been eased, enabling a regular supply of lunch options.

With about 50 eateries in Tenjin closed due to the redevelopment wave, there is hope that the Open Kitchen Project will serve as a solution to the ‘lunch refugee’ problem. More food trucks and open cafes are planned to open at the plaza of Fukuoka Bank Head Office Building, Pietro Building, and Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City in the future. Source: Fukuoka City / KBC / RKB

Fukuoka Launches 'Open Kitchen' to Tackle Lunch Crunch

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Published: May 10, 2023 / Last Updated: May 10, 2023

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