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Fukuoka Prefecture Unveils New Soybean Brand Fukuyokamuru

Fukuoka Prefecture, one of the leading soybean production areas in Japan, has named its new soybean brand “Fukuyokamuru” after more than 10 years of development. About 150 people, including Governor Hattori and producers, attended the soybean unveiling event in Fukuoka City where the new brand name was announced. Fukuyokamuru is a new variety developed by Fukuoka Prefecture since 2007 to achieve a stable supply of locally-grown soybeans. It is expected to have larger grains and about 10% higher yield than the current mainstream variety. Source: Fukuoka Prefecture / NHK

Fukuoka Prefecture Unveils New Soybean Brand Fukuyokamuru

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Feb 16, 2023 / Last Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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