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Fukuoka Prefecture’s Accommodation Discount Campaign Starts November 5

Fukuoka Prefecture will issue special hotel vouchers to accelerate the recovery of local tourism. Beginning on November 5, two different vouchers (a ¥5,000 voucher sold for ¥2,500 and a ¥1,000 voucher sold for ¥500) will become available at convenience stores. Eligible hotels and ryokan will be listed on a special website shortly. The program will also subsidize car rental fees for those who stay at local accommodation facilities or visit two or more registered sightseeing spots. Ticket will be sold at Seven-Eleven, Lawson, Familymart, and Ministop around Japan.  Details: https://www.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/contents/fukuoka-himitsu-travel-open.html
Source: NHK 

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Published: Oct 30, 2020 / Last Updated: Oct 30, 2020