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Fukuoka Ranks As 14th Best City In The World! – Monocle 2017

London-based Monocle magazine just released their Quality of Life Survey for 2017 and Fukuoka City was awarded the 14th spot in a list of 25 cities from around the world. While a considerable drop from last year’s all-time high ranking of 7th, the publication still had many positive things to say about Fukuoka including the fact that Fukuoka enjoys the fastest growing population amongst Japanese cities, that the city has become the start-up center of Japan, the sky rocketing number of passengers arriving by cruise ships along with improved port facilities, and the lightning-fast repair of the 30m-wide sinkhole near Hakata Station last November. The city’s new fresh-produce market, its clean beaches, abundance of good quality water, and large student population were also mentioned. Other Japanese cities in the top 25 included Tokyo and Kyoto. How did your favorite city rank? See the list below – and then read the full report inside Monocle magazine here: https://monocle.com/magazine/issues/105/where-to-live-well/


01. Tokyo
02. Vienna
03. Berlin
03. Munich
05. Melbourne
06. Copenhagen
07. Sydney
08. Zürich
09. Hamburg
10. Madrid
11. Stockholm
12. Kyoto
13. Helsinki

14. Fukuoka

15. Hong Kong
16. Lisbon
17. Barcelona
18. Vancouver
19. Düsseldorf
20. Amsterdam
21. Singapore
22. Auckland
23. Brisbane
24. Portland
25. Oslo


Photo credit: City of Fukuoka

Published: Jun 24, 2017 / Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017

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