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Fukuoka Seeks to Become a Financial and Asset Management Special Zone

Fukuoka Prefecture and City have jointly announced their application for the designation as a “Financial and Asset Management Special Zone,” a new initiative by the government to attract foreign investment. In a joint press conference held on February 13, Governor Seitaro Hattori and Mayor Soichiro Takashima disclosed their strategy to make Fukuoka a global financial hub. The proposal includes exemptions for foreign asset management firms from local registration processes, expedited visa reviews for international financial professionals, and expanded English-language services for financial administrative procedures. Governor Hattori emphasized the collaborative effort to enhance Fukuoka’s international financial functions, while Mayor Takashima highlighted the initiative’s focus on easing the financial growth of startups by addressing bottlenecks identified through corporate feedback. The application period for the special zone designation ends on February 16, with Sapporo City having already submitted a proposal. Source: NHK

Fukuoka Seeks to Become a Financial and Asset Management Special Zone

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Published: Feb 14, 2024 / Last Updated: Feb 14, 2024

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