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Fukuoka Women’s University and Yazuya Collaborate for Health Research

Fukuoka Women’s University and Yazuya, a local health food manufacturer, have signed an agreement to jointly undertake health-focused research. This collaboration, signed on July 6th in Fukuoka City’s Teriha district, aims to promote studies that can improve people’s health, with an initial focus on the nutritional intake of young athletes and students during their post-school hours. The Presidents of both Yazuya and Fukuoka Women’s University express optimism that their collective efforts can lead to significant advancements in health research. Source: Fukuoka Women’s University / KBC 

Fukuoka Women's University and Yazuya Collaborate for Health Research Photo from ぱちょぴ

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Published: Jul 7, 2023 / Last Updated: Jul 7, 2023

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