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Fukuoka’s Iconic Cinema Set for Demolition

The Fukuoka Nakasu Taiyo Movie Theater, a historic cinema in the heart of Fukuoka City, will be demolished by the end of March next year due to its aging structure. Established in 1946 and renovated in 1952, the theater once screened 200 films a year and drew around 400,000 visitors. Despite maintenance, the building’s deteriorating condition has led to its impending closure. The theater has not yet decided whether it will reopen after the demolition. Local movie-goers and the theater’s Managing Director have expressed their sadness over the closure. Source: Nakasu Taiyo / NHK

Fukuoka’s Iconic Cinema Set for Demolition

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Published: Sep 5, 2023 / Last Updated: Sep 8, 2023

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