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Garbage Truck in Kitakyushu Collides with Car, Crashes into McDonald’s

In a shocking turn of events, a routine morning in Kitakyushu City’s Yahatanishi Ward transformed into an accident scene on the 24th. A garbage truck, caught in a collision with a car on National Route 3, crashed into a bustling McDonald’s outlet. Three people – the truck’s crew and the car driver – suffered non-fatal injuries in this hair-raising episode. Incredibly, amidst the shattered glass and shocked patrons, no casualties were reported from inside the McDonald’s. The spectacle of the toppled truck lodged into the restaurant’s entrance left onlookers and investigators equally taken aback. The root cause? Early indications point to a botched U-turn. The gritty details of this startling collision remain under police scrutiny. An average day in the city, marked by an extraordinary accident – a garbage truck’s unplanned pit stop at McDonald’s. Source: NHK / TNC

Garbage Truck in Kitakyushu Collides with Car, Crashes into McDonald's

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Published: May 25, 2023 / Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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