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Hakata Hanamidori’s Yamakasa Menu

Mizutaki (chicken broth hot pot) is one of Hakata’s best-known local delicacies which has been popular since way back in the Keio era (1865­–8).The Hakata Hanamidori chain are among those keeping this authentic Hakata taste alive, with seven restaurants in Fukuoka, five in the Kansai area and even two in Dalian, China. Run by a poultry farming company, they only use meat from their own chickens, which are given a special feed containing seaweed and herb extracts. From 6/17 to 7/15, Hakata Hanamidori restaurants in Fukuoka offer the “Yamakasa Course” (¥4,200) in honor of Hakata’s most popular annual festival. The special set course includes a small bowl of Kobachi, Zensai hors d’oeuvre, Mukouzuke, Kawaribachi and the main dish of Hanamidori Mizutaki, plus Zenzai dessert. The Yamakasa course will be served for a limited time only until the end of Yamakasa. English, Chinese and Korean menus make this a great place for tourists, too. Official HP: http://www.hanamidori.net

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Published: Jun 17, 2013 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017