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Heatstroke Hits Itoshima High School: 23 Hospitalized

Just before noon on the 1st, at a high school in Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture, 32 students reported feeling unwell while rehearsing for a sports festival. Of these, 23 were rushed to the hospital under suspicion of heatstroke. The incident occurred around 11:40 AM at Itoshima Agricultural High School located in Maebaru-Nishi, Itoshima City. The local fire department received a distress call from the school reporting that students practicing for the sports festival were showing symptoms of heatstroke. Following this, the school suspended the practice and allowed the students who felt ill to rest while others were instructed to leave school for the day. The local weather station reported that the temperature in Itoshima City had risen to 28.2 degrees Celsius by 11:30 AM. Source: NHK

Heatstroke Hits Itoshima High School: 23 Hospitalized

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Published: Jun 2, 2023 / Last Updated: Jun 2, 2023

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