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Hirado Castle Opens For Overnight Stays For a Princely Sum

Hirado Castle in Nagasaki City officially opened its gates for overnight stays on April 1. Only one group (up to 5 persons) per night can enjoy private use of the two-story yagura tower for ¥600,000 per night. Traditional designs are arranged around the luxury living-and-dining room on the first floor. Two double beds on the second floor are surrounded by beautiful wall paintings of sakura flowers, autumn leaves, and more. The castle also resumed accepting visitors to its main building and kenso-yagura tower: Fun and informative contents, including digital calligraphy and a CG-combined movie introducing Hirado history, have been introduced in the two years of renovation. The combined project cost has reached ¥800 million. Source: Nagasaki Shimbun

Visit Hirado Castle: https://hirado-castle.jp
Stay at Hirado Castle: https://www.castlestay.jp

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Published: Apr 5, 2021 / Last Updated: Apr 5, 2021

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