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HIS to Sell Off Huis Ten Bosch Resort Facility

On July 21, it was learned that travel giant HIS is selling Huis Ten Bosch (Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture), a large resort facility. The company is positioned to sell the property to an investment company or other party. HIS, suffering from a downturn in travel demand due to the new coronavirus outbreak, aims to secure funds by selling Huis Ten Bosch. HIS owns 66.7% of Huis Ten Bosch stock, with the remainder held by Kyushu Electric Power, JR Kyushu, and other local companies, and HIS and local companies are planning to sell their holdings simultaneously. Huis Ten Bosch will continue to operate under the company to which it is being sold. Source: Nikkei

HIS to Sell Off Huis Ten Bosch Resort Facility

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Published: Jul 21, 2022 / Last Updated: Jul 21, 2022

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