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Ichiran Noodle Week

Ichiran is holding a special noodle week this November. Eating noodles at this time of year is said to be particularly auspicious, so enjoying tonkotsu ramen at one of the company’s 69 participating restaurants during this period is sure to bring you good luck for the New Year. Not only are long thin noodles said to symbolize longevity, but Nov. 11 is also known as Noodle Day. This is said to be good luck as it is the only date in the year that has four ones side by side (11/11). It looks a bit like stretched out noodles, don’t you think? The celebrations will run until Nov. 22, which is called Good Fufu Day. “Fufu” refers to the sound you make when blowing over your noodles to cool them down, and is a play off of the two-two in the date (11/22). So make sure stop by Ichiran during mid-November for a bowl of lucky tonkotsu ramen!

• 11/11 (Sat.) ~ 11/22 (Sun.)
• A total of 69 restaurants participating throughout the country.

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Published: Nov 7, 2017 / Last Updated: Nov 7, 2017