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Jetstar Japan Offers Sightseeing Flight Above Kyushu

Jetstar Japan and Aso Kumamoto Airport announced the operation of a Kyushu sightseeing flight. On Apr. 24, a Jetstar aircraft will take 150 passengers on a tour above the island of Kyushu. The program also features an in-flight lecture on flight science and an on-ground backyard tour. Reservations are accepted via email, fax, and phone by TKU Human. (¥26,800/person: Additional ¥3,000 required for a window seat. Departing from and arriving at Aso Kumamoto Airport.) Also, Kumamoto Airport is currently promoting charter flight operations until October 2021, with ¥5,000/passenger subsidies. Source: JetStar / Kumamoto Airport

Photo by Hendri Lidayani on Unsplash  – for image purpose only

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Published: Apr 6, 2021 / Last Updated: Apr 6, 2021

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