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Kitakyushu City Mayor Calls on Public To Remove Masks To Prevent Heat Stroke 

Mayor Kitahashi of Kitakyushu City reiterated his call for people to remove their masks to prevent heat stroke and asked for understanding from those who wear stickers indicating that it is challenging to wear masks as a measure against the new coronas. At a press conference on June  22, Mayor Kitahashi reiterated his call ahead of the summer season for people to take care to prevent heat stroke by removing their masks when outdoors and when they can maintain a safe distance from others or when they are rarely engaged in conversation. On the other hand, he stated that it remains important to wear a mask when using public transportation and in crowded places. In addition, as a consideration for those who have difficulty wearing masks due to disabilities or dementia, Kitakyushu City has created stickers that indicate “I cannot wear a mask” and asked those around them to understand that discrimination and prejudice should be eliminated. Source: KBC

Kitakyushu City Mayor Calls on Public To Remove Masks To Prevent Heat Stroke 

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Published: Jun 24, 2022 / Last Updated: Jun 24, 2022

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