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Kyushu MaaS to Launch in August

The Kyushu Regional Strategy Conference has announced the launch of “Kyushu MaaS” (Mobility as a Service) on August 1, aiming to simplify travel across the Kyushu region by integrating various transportation modes into a single, user-friendly platform. The “my route” smartphone app, developed by Toyota Financial Services, will allow users to purchase combined tickets for trains, buses, ferries, and flights across Kyushu, providing a seamless travel experience. About 60 transportation companies, including JR Kyushu, Nishitetsu, Kyushu Sanko Bus, and Nangoku Kotsu, have joined the initiative, covering local railways, bus companies, ferry operators, and travel agencies.

The app will feature comprehensive journey planning and real-time updates, reducing the hassle of managing multiple tickets and schedules. Special passes will be available for tourists, offering unlimited travel on JR Kyushu trains and various local bus services, making it easier and more economical to explore the region. The service will expand in phases, gradually incorporating more transportation options and regions, aiming to eventually cover all major transport services in Kyushu.

By promoting public transportation, Kyushu MaaS aims to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, contributing to regional environmental sustainability. The initiative also aims to boost local economies by making it easier for tourists and residents to access various attractions and services.

Kyushu Economic Federation’s President emphasized that this comprehensive MaaS project is unprecedented in scale and represents a unified effort between the public and private sectors. Despite the challenges facing transportation operators, Kyushu MaaS is expected to enhance the convenience and sustainability of regional transportation.

Alongside Kyushu MaaS, the “Silicon Island Kyushu” initiative will foster a robust semiconductor industry in the region. A “Communication Liaison Council” will be established in July to facilitate smooth information exchange and strategic alignment among industry, government, academia, and financial institutions. Source: TKU

Kyushu MaaS to Launch in August

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Published: Jun 5, 2024 / Last Updated: Jun 5, 2024

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