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Kyushu’s First Convenience Store EV Chargers

The FamilyMart at Hakata Station Minami 6-chome in Fukuoka City has recently equipped its parking area with Tesla Superchargers, a rapid charging solution for Tesla electric vehicles, inaugurated on the 7th. This initiative represents FamilyMart’s fifth installation of Superchargers and the pioneering introduction to Kyushu’s convenience stores. The strategic placement is designed to serve the recharging requirements of Tesla drivers and to offer a convenient shopping experience during the charging process.

The Superchargers, operational since October 31st, are accessible around the clock and encompass four units. Charging costs are calibrated by output, ranging from 40 to 250 yen per minute, with the chargers capable of delivering a quick boost of up to 275 kilometers of range in roughly 15 minutes at a peak output of 250 kilowatts.

With a current nationwide presence at 94 locations within commercial venues, FamilyMart is actively working to expand the availability of these charging stations, underscoring its commitment to enhancing customer convenience and supporting sustainable transportation. Family Mart / TNC / Nikkei

Kyushu's First Convenience Store EV Chargers

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Published: Nov 8, 2023 / Last Updated: Nov 8, 2023

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