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Kyushu’s Summer Coldest in 11 Years

According to the Fukuoka District Meteorological Observatory, average temperatures in Kyushu for the period from June to August fell well below the normal temperatures, making for the first cool summer since 2003. Several locations in western Japan, including Kyushu, have set new records for rainfall and low amounts of sunlight. The cities of Saga and Sasebo (Nagasaki Pref.) both set new records for August rainfall with 671mm and 754mm, respectively. Meanwhile, Kumamoto City recorded the lowest number of sunlight hours—91.5—since recordkeeping on the statistic began. A professor at the Fukuoka District Meteorological Observatory says this summer may be the “most abnormal” since the record-breaking cold summer of 1993. The impact on agriculture has also been significant. A spokesperson from JA in Fukuoka said the summer rains have made it hard for farmers to plant winter vegetables on time. Source: Nishinippon Shimbun 8/31

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Published: Sep 3, 2014 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017