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LDP Incumbent Satoshi Oie Elected For Third Time

Mr. Oie is 54 years old and a native of Kitakyushu City. After serving as a member of the Fukuoka Prefectural Assembly, he was first elected to the House of Councillors in 2010. He has served as Parliamentary Vice Minister of Finance, and has been serving as Vice Minister of Finance since last October. During his election campaign, Mr. Oie used the catchphrase “Listen and Decide,” and appealed to work on measures to prevent price hikes and to restore Japan’s earning power by boosting its technological capabilities. Source: NHK

LDP Incumbent Satoshi Oie Elected For Third TimePhoto from TNC News

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Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Jul 11, 2022 / Last Updated: Jul 11, 2022

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